Greg Sivulka
My dad led me to the Lord when I was six years old. He taught me about following Christ every day by his own example and through short Bible studies he would share with my three brothers and me each evening before bed. As a young boy I soon began to realize that the greatest way I could help a person is to bring him/her into a relationship with Christ and I decided to dedicate my life to such a service. I began to witness to different people in various ways: door-to-door, at school, during the lunch break, in between classes and even sometimes during classes. I remember some days praying, "Oh, Lord, I would just love it if one day I would be able to spend whole days witnessing, just as I do during the lunch breaks in High School." It was then that I began to think about getting involved in full-time ministry after I graduate. I never would have dreamed that my love for the Lord and people would one day take me halfway around the world to a country that I knew nothing about, but that’s exactly what happened! I first went over to Yugoslavia (now called Serbia) back in 1990 with an outreach team. We spent two weeks in Hungary and Yugoslavia having evangelistic outreaches on the streets, making friends and witnessing one-on-one, encouraging new believers, etc. It was an incredible time for me that totally changed the direction of my life. I remember the first person I witnessed to in Yugoslavia. He was eighteen and had never heard the Gospel message before, never heard that God loves him, never even read the Bible before! Coming from a country where the Gospel is so well known, this was a total shock for me. My heart became broken for the people of Yugoslavia and I began to ask the Lord if He would want me to move over there. Through a series of events, He confirmed His calling to me and when the outreach was over, and we returned to America, I announced to my parents my plans to move over and start working there in the town of Subotica as a missionary. I found the ministry exhilarating over there. It was such a thrill to come into contact with people every day that had never heard the Gospel before and to help so many come to Christ. After a few years of working in Subotica I decided to move down to another city called Novi Sad to help a small church that had just gotten started. It was there that I met my wife Jelena.