Jelena Sivulka
Unlike Greg, I grew up in an atheistic/communistic family. I had never read the Bible before, but then when I was seventeen years old I received a New Testament from the "Gideons" and began to read it. A few months later I was invited by a Christian friend of mine to an evangelistic outreach that took place in my hometown of Novi Sad. I indicated on the response card at the end that I do not believe in what the Christians spoke about, but would like to hear more and left my name and phone number. After a few weeks I got a call from a pastor’s wife in Novi Sad. She invited me to come to her house, but I made up excuses why I couldn’t come. It just seemed strange for me to get together and chat with a woman I didn’t even know who believed in God. She, sensing that I was reluctant to meet with her, told me, "Look, I’m going to leave my number with you and if you’re ever interested in talking to me, please feel free to give me a call."

During that time war had started to break out in various parts of my country. All of the things my parents lived for, my plans and ideals, everything just started to fall apart right before my eyes. I didn’t have anything to cling to or lean on anymore, so I decided to finally call Vera. She shared the Gospel with me and a few weeks later, I decided to give my life to Christ. My whole life had changed in an instant! I began to go to church and share my faith with my friends. I was so excited about my new faith, but my family didn’t share my excitement.

Because there are so few Christians in Yugoslavia, my parents thought I had gotten involved in some dangerous cult/sect. They were constantly trying to discourage me from going to church, but I kept going. One day my mom said, "look, if you go to that cult one more time, I’m going to lock the door of the apartment and I won’t let you in!" So when it came time to go to Bible Study I went in spite of everything, told everyone what happened and stayed with a Christian friend for a while. My mom let me come back after a few days, but this same thing happened a few months later.

You can imagine the pressure I got from them when I started dating one of the leaders of this "cult!" (Greg) My grandfather actually called me on the phone and angrily said, once he found out about my new relationship, "Don’t even bother calling or visiting me anymore! I disown you as my granddaughter!" This didn’t stop me from following Christ and eventually this heavy persecution finally died down. Unfortunately, no one has gotten saved yet in my family, but we are still trying to share with them and pray for them regularly.

Greg and I got married back in 1994 and we have two children, Benjamin (age seven) and Sara (age two). I really enjoy working in the ministry with Greg. Sometimes it is difficult, but I wouldn’t trade what I’m doing for anything else!

As far as education goes, I finished up my bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2005 and got a Masters in Clinical Psychology and Theology.

Hobbies – I love reading, riding, riding bikes and spending time with friends.

I’d like to say at the end that if there was one thing I could change about my life, it would be the time I became a Christian. I wish I had received Christ much earlier in my life. The Bible says, "Taste and see that the Lord is good." I have tasted and seen and realized that this is true.